Week 1-(4) Post


My Comment: 

“Aids Makes Us Equal”, this is the slogan that is used in this advertisement. As you can find out this is an anti-AIDS campaign ad picture, which is for the public to make them aware of getting infected from AIDS. The interesting point about this ad is that Wonder-Woman is being used as a main model, taking a role as AIDS patient. Using superhero in this kind of campaign ad can be regarded as creative way of thinking because it conveys its message to the public more effectively rather than using any other models.

In general, all the superheroes that we know are considered as mighty ones that they will never get hurt or become sick although they are just non-real imagine characters. However, using Wonder-Woman in this ad gives public a message, “that every people, no matter who you are, can become sick if they get AIDS” in effective way. By showing AIDS infected Wonder-Woman, who has a desperate look on her face, lying down on the bed strongly gives and signifies the message that this advertisement is trying to talk about.


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